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Our Case Studies

KeyMe grew revenue 3x in first six months... and 10x by twelve months

KeyMe set out to disrupt the antiquated industry of access solutions by first establishing the only national brand in locksmith services.

Together, we developed a plan for growth and built a team that took their revenue from $100k/month… to $1,000,000/month… all in just 12 months ( 10x increase)

CoinCloud grew 2x in revenue, 50% reduction in CPA, and foundations for scale in 60 days

CoinCloud has 5,000 digital currency machines to offers the fastest, easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and 40+ other digital currencies with cash, card and more. 

In less than 60 days we turned coinclouds telesales around selling to 10s of thousands of small retail shops, and put together a playbook for automated growth!

3 Pillars of The Button Up™ Method


- Sales skills - Training framework and flow building
- Efficiency- tools, reporting, tracking and ops
- Culture- Comp structure, process, contest


- Driving performance
- Team culture
- Rep development


- ROI per rep
- Foundations for growth
- Outsourcing

Testimonials from some of the Sales reps we've trained

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